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Satin ribbon is one of the commonly used ribbons in both jewelry making and DIY craft making. Smooth and silky, satin ribbon can be single faced, with one shiny side or double faced with both sides being shiny. These ribbons are also very versatile and come in many colors and sizes. Apart from used for making necklace and bracelet, they are commonly used for dressmaking, scrap booking, card making, embroidery, ribbon flowers, hair accessories and gift wrapping.

Satin ribbon crafts are girlish, so they are lovely deeply by girls. Here I will share two wonderful ideas of making satin ribbon crafts with simple tools and steps.


Satin Ribbon Flowers: 1, cut ribbon approximately 12 inches. 2, starting at one end of your ribbon weave your threaded needle in and out of the ribbon just like stitching clothes. 3, continue weaving your threaded needle all the way to the end of the ribbon. 4, once you string to the end of ribbon, pull the thread through the ribbon to make it gather. 5, cut thread and make sure to leave enough thread for you to tie a double knot. 6, gather your ribbon as tight as possible. 7, double knot your thread. 8, glue the cut ends of your ribbon together to make sure the glued ends are pointed to the underside of the ribbon flower. 9, flatten out of your flower once the glue has dried. 10, adhere your button to the center of the flower. A simple but beautiful satin ribbon flower is finished.

Satin Ribbon Wreath: 1, Cut three lengths of wide satin ribbon diagonally to form equal0sided diamonds. Pinch each diamond at the center, and pin to hold it. Hold all three together, staggering them to form the six-leafed blossom, then fix together by looping 26-gauge wire twisted at the back. Use wire cutters to remove excess wire at the twist. Cut the stems from four store-bought stamens and attach them to the front of blossom with craft glue. 2, Use green ribbon, about half as wide as the first, for the decorative leaves. Cut two lengths about three times as long as they are wide. With the back side up, fold half the ribbon over so it forms an L shape. Fold the other half of the L over the first so it covers the previous fold. Cinch the bottom of the resulting house shape and hold it with a pin. 3, Shave the edges off a 19 inch Styrofoam wreath form to give it a rounded profile. Wrap the form with satin ribbon, securing the loose ends with straight pins. Affix ribbon poinsettias and leaves to the wreath with large straight pins (which will be hidden within the folds) held firm with subtly applied hot glue.

I am sure you can create many other amazing crafts with satin ribbons as long as you have unlimited inspirations. Handmade satin ribbon crafts are not only good for self, but also amazing gift for others. Mother’s Day is coming soon. Why not purchase some satin ribbons from online stores, like PandaHall etc, and create a fabulous and meaningful gift for your mom?

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